01 Nov Finding Money For Business

There is always the temptation, in light of news reports that talk about frozen credit markets and failing businesses, to believe that there simply isn’t any money out there for your business. It’s easy to believe that if financial giants can’t ...

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01 Nov Rise of the Non-profits

In the wake of the economic crisis that hit the United States, culminating in the disastrous stock market drops beginning in October of 2008 after years of steady decline, there are greater and greater calls for relief. In February, the president .....

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01 Nov Occupational Fraud

When we think of fraud, often big news-item stories come to mind. Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme, Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling’s 53-count trial regarding what they did at Enron, and the like are the sorts of things that people often hear about. What ...

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18 Oct Starting A New Business?

It begins with a vision, an idea. Whether it’s the idea you had late one night in bed or something that came to you over dinner, you have a thought that the world needs something; the people in your town or your area are missing...

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