Hiring a Consultant – Why it Pays

26 Oct Hiring a Consultant – Why it Pays

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Hiring a Consultant – Why it Pays

professional-consultantTom ran a computer shop and it was quite a successful one too … if you took the number of customers coming through the door every day as any kind if indicator and Tom did take that as an indicator of success. There were plenty of paying customers but Tom didn’t seem to be getting ahead.

It wasn’t that he had any outstanding accounts because he didn’t. All sales and repairs were cash or credit card transactions so his one staff member was making a trip to the bank to deposit the cash every other day … but still, his cash reserves didn’t seem to grow.

Finally, all the hard work for so little apparent result began to get him, down and he began to seriously think of closing the business and going to work for a salary. He mentioned how he felt to one of his regular clients one day who just shook his head in disbelief.

“Here” he said as he handed Tom a business card that he had extracted from his wallet. “Go talk to this guy … he’s a business consultant and he turned my business around for me in just a few months.”

A few days later the Tom was sitting in the business consultant’s office pouring out his tale of hard work for little profit. A few months later and Tom was seeing the benefits of calling in a business consultant … someone who could look take an objective look at Tom’s business and point out all the problems and offer constructive advice on how to overcome them.

Tom’s major problem was that he was doing all that great work repairing every computer that came through the door but he just wasn’t charging enough for each job. Tom’s costs had risen over the years and the cost of living had risen too but Tom had been too busy to notice it. While there was plenty of money coming through the door it was getting close to reaching the point where his income was about to become less than his expenses.

His one staff member had to go too. It didn’t take the business consultant long to realize that she did nothing but go to the bank … she hardly dealt with any of the customers who came in and what accounting work she did was riddled with mistakes. So she was earning money for nothing but Tom had been too busy to notice.

With the help of the business consultant Tom fixed a new scale of charges for his work, he let his staff member go and outsourced his accounting to a bookkeeper. Suddenly he had more money in his pocket and with the help of his business consultant, he began to budget for advertising, investments for when he retired and he even found that he could afford a new car.

The problems that Tom faced were quite simple to overcome but he worked there at the coalface day after day and simply couldn’t see the steps that he had to take to arrive at a solution. The business consultant could easily see what Tom couldn’t and knew what the best solutions were.

Not every business is going to have the same set of problems as Tom had … some are going to be far more complex than anything Tom ever faced … but the business consultant solution can still work no matter how complex the issues are.

A business consultant brings a fresh approach, he or she is looking from the outside into the business and a consultant isn’t subject to all the pressures of running a business that can cloud the judgment of the business owner.

Sure, hiring a business consultant costs money … it certainly wasn’t cheap for Tom … but the return on investment can be felt almost immediately and when the difference between hiring or not hiring a consultant can mean the difference between life or death for the business then the investment is definitely going to be worth it.

Even if your business is sailing along quite smoothly and growing wealth for you there are still good reasons why it will pay to have a business consultant spend some time working with you. Those fresh eyes can spot looming problems that you may never see; they can identify places where you can cut costs and increase productivity. As someone once said: “A business consultant is a GPS unit that will guide you along the road to success.”

A good business consultant can even take your business to the next level and isn’t that where you want it to go?



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    “I feel like a hero to my Board of Directors thanks to you. Your confidentiality is much appreciated and your suggested changes to our approach with the new structure to handle the referral pass-through have worked so well that we needed to put 5 new associates in place, thank you again.”

    - I. E. W.

    “Your analysis of our current marketing efforts turned out to be spot on. Your suggested changes are already showing results over the last 60 days of running them, thank you, your services are under rated. We will be calling again.”

    - V. B.

    “I thought that putting your company on retainer was a waste of our resources, and time. I have never been so wrong, and so happy to be wrong at the same time. It would be my honor if you would consider a permanent position within our corporation.”

    - Y. N. O.

    “I can’t deny that your services are invaluable. Not one person in my company was able to see our own mistakes. It does take a trusted advisor to look in from the outside and you have been that advisor. Thank you, for showing us a way to identify and correct these issues for the future.”

    - W. T. H.

    “One simple paragraph in our 98-page contract created a lifetime of residual payments back to the Partnership, thank you for seeing it. The statement you made is so true, “attorneys are not businessmen.” We will call you when we prepare for our next purchase.”

    - H. T.

    “The promotion was a complete success. The way you structured it allowed me to deduct the campaign and giveaway expenses from my taxes. The biggest benefit has been the permanent increase in my customer base. Thank you.”

    - Y. B. P.

    “I never thought that the use of a separate website could benefit this section of my business. That thinking was just being out of touch with my own customer base. Our overall transactions have tripled over this last year. Our future continues to grow again.”

    - P. T. B.

    “One month! You changed our direction in a month. I never realized that I was inadvertently forgetting about what has turned out to be a profitable division of the business, and that same division was our problem, to begin with. Your quick analysis gave us the step up we needed.”

    - R. O.

    “Until I saw the numbers with my own eyes, I did not, could not believe what you were telling me. But it is true, you saved me over $600,000 of unneeded advertising spend in the first 6 months of this year over last year. I was most impressed with the fact that we sustained the same revenue, thank you.”

    - S. V.

    “You are correct, everything is a negotiation. I am very glad that you sat on our side of the table with the quite expertise you demonstrated. This sale will allow myself and my family to choose again.”

    - S. M. T.

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