24 Nov If your company is not large enough to hire a full-time IT support person, how do you address your technology issues, such as networking systems, maintenance, support questions, patches, and learning about new technology?

There are several ways to go about this. The first and most cost-effective is to simply contract your need as it may be needed, if you’re not able to learn it or dedicate the time for it yourself. Look at IT services that hire on...

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24 Nov With the economy the way it is do you think now is an ok time for my company to acquire another company that is in a slightly different industry but very much the same customers as my current company?

Generally speaking, tough economic times is a good time to look into buying and merging companies since you'll be able to get it for a good price, but you should also make sure to do your due diligence, this is not a time to guess....

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24 Nov I am the owner of a pet grooming business (located right next to a vet office). I have a regular clientele, but would like to expand my business. The majority of the new business comes via referral from the existing clients and the vet. Any suggestion on how to increase my business?

Being next to a vet is a great location for you, but just location won't help you expand. There are several marketing strategies you can use, but your best bet would be to try targeting audiences in corresponding businesses. Like you do with the vet's...

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