24 Nov What do I need to succeed in business?

There’s no formula for business success. No math will help you except the math on your balance sheet, so don’t look for one. There are some things that can help you, though. Sound management practices, technical support, experience in whatever industry you’re in, and the...

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24 Nov I see alot of hype on the internet about grants for minorities who want to start businesses. Are these all bunk, or is there some legitimacy to these offers?

That's an excellent question. While I can't speak for all such offers, especially independent ones, there are actually a lot of grants that the US government offers for minority-owned businesses. For a strong list of these, try looking at the first section here: http://bcondemand.com/government_resources.php...

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24 Nov I was thinking about becoming a distributor for the new electronic cigarettes that I read about. But I also heard that the FDA had put some sort of a hold on their import. Is there something I need to do to be allowed to import these from Hong Kong for distribution?

For now, I would suggest finding another potential business. While e-cigarettes are currently sold nationwide in over 4000 retail outlets, the FDA's findings show that they contain nitrosamines (which are the carcinogens found in regular cigarettes anyway) and diethylene glycol, the poisonous part of antifreeze....

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