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Mobipaid - Your Payment Solutions Platform

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As a goods and services Merchant, Fundraising Organization, Billing & Collection Service, or Education Facility, online or off, your goals in business are exactly the same. You want to offer your Product or Service’s while retaining the highest margin of profit, in the most secure way for your customers.

Mobipaid was designed for exactly those needs, efficient simplicity, built in to a full featured platform, including multiple solutions for the many situations existing in today’s marketplaces, even the ability to gain new customers. Just take a minute. Click and Review The MOBIPAID USER GUIDE. It’s worth the time.

Unparalleled Customer Security

Customer Point of Sale, or CPOS – Customers personal credit card data will never need to be disclosed to the merchant, and the merchant will always retain their Customers loyalty.

Social Media & Fund Raising

Capture the Reach and Power of your Social Media by creating seamless campaigns for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn with instant payment options. There are No Additional Costs to have this ability.



Text & Email Billing & Collection

Scheduled Payments, Single & Group Payments and both the Merchant and the Customer receive immediate confirmations.

E-commerce & Retail

Real-time transactions enable the Merchant to accept card payments from the Customer simply by using any device that has internet access, be it any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, when using Mobipaid you can reach your customers directly on their mobile devices with a personalized payment request that includes their invoice, their own customized instant payment window and their receipt.

Mobipaid is Merchant Savings, Convenience, Efficient Collections, Customer Security & Market Expansion



Add your company logo, Personalize your Customers Payment Requests.

Multiple Users

Each user has a unique name and password with selected privileges.


In Real-Time Reconciliation, Confirmation, Notifications & Analysis.

API Integration

Into your existing business management software.


Lower Your Costs

NO setup fees and NO monthly fees. Reduce the costs of collecting payments.