24 Nov If your company is not large enough to hire a full-time IT support person, how do you address your technology issues, such as networking systems, maintenance, support questions, patches, and learning about new technology?

There are several ways to go about this. The first and most cost-effective is to simply contract your need as it may be needed, if you’re not able to learn it or dedicate the time for it yourself. Look at IT services that hire on...

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24 Nov As an entrepreneur, how do you use your time and resources to meet your objectives? Have you established any specific systems? Are there specific tools you use?

Your best options as an entrepreneur is to focus on your own strengths first, you’ll discover your use of time, after you’ve identified your strengths. Then identify one by one people in business you can separately learn from who are experts in the specific areas...

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24 Nov I’m developing a compensation plan for outside sales reps selling a managed IT solution. I’m starting from scratch so any tips, examples or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. No point in trying to reinvent the wheel, right?

For one thing, keep the compensation simple. Percentages of order values work well in cases like this. Decide if you're doing straight commission or a base plus commission. Try to keep the program incentive based on performance and long term contractual agreements. If you speak...

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24 Nov I am looking for a creative way to deal with a common problem. The owner needs to sell the business. The value of the business depends on the owner’s continued involvement for at least 18 months. The owner is not amenable to employment and the buyer does not want a consulting agreement. Any ideas?

The first thing I'd try is to find out what the specific issues of consulting verses employment of the selling and buying parties were. Talk with each of the parties; find the common ground in the specifics of what they both agree on. I'd then...

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